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Chinese Online Books: A Whole New World

Readers of Chinese online novels has blossomed over the past few years, with a special group of followers both in China, and western English speaking countries. This new wave of online readers has taken the internet by storm, allowing millions of people to access books that would normally go unnoticed in the realm of print. These novels provide a rich, fantastical world for readers to explore—where love conquers all, female leads create their own destiny, hidden truths are revealed, and brave characters conquer unthinkable odds.

There currently stands several different variations of Chinese online fiction, with the most popular genre likely being the romance novel. Several online forums are dedicated to this special set of books with reviews, must-reads, and discussions threads galore. It’s a constant back and forth between enthusiasts sharing their love and lust for these beautifully written stories that instantly draw you in. A close second would definitely be the fantasy genre—which boasts an equally large online following.

According to a Wall Street Journal article published in June of last year, a government report indicated in 2015 that nearly 43% of China’s internet population read novels online. This percentage accounts for millions of readers; proving just how big of a deal this leisure activity has become.

Popular Chinese fiction books are pretty easy to find, and the unique part about them is that they have several genres and sub-genres that you won’t find in traditional western literature. A perfect example would be an epic hero novel with fictional elements, set in modern times—or a romance novel where the female lead is in love with a man, but has her own identity, values, and strong-will. And then there’s fantasy, which has a subcategory of immortal fiction and magical fiction, nestled underneath. There are so many different types of books out there online, that it would be impossible not to find a genre you like.

These books also offer a bridge between cultures, providing in-context learning by way of deeply rooted characters, and epic storylines of beauty and brevity, good versus evil, and several plot twists woven in between. English fans love these books so much because it gives them a way to submerge themselves in something entirely separate from what they’re used to. Reading Chinese stories is one of the easiest ways a person can tap into another culture without traveling a single step. It’s a very eclectic fan base, and an entirely different literary circle from any that we’ve seen in the past decade; which is a big reason why this market is becoming so popular and trendy. Imagine a small group of friends getting hooked on a series of Chinese romance novels, and how quickly word can spread! Because these books are online, it gives people a chance to instantly share and connect with others. And that’s the whole point, right?

So where are these gems? Well, some of the more popular books can be found by doing a simple search for Online Chinese Fiction Books. But the best place to find them is by going to a blog site, and reading the comments section. This is how fans talk about all the different genres, which books have the best storylines, and where to get them! You will be hard-pressed to find a discussion thread that doesn’t link you to a site with a sea of literature. Online readers, especially in China, are now accessing these books through their smartphones and tablets as well, which has paved the way for easy sharing of resources through social media and blogs. Most of the discussion boards are layered with emotions and opinions about whatever books they happen to enjoy—which definitely makes them interesting to sift through.

It’s fair to say that the first time you go looking for one of these books, you’ll feel a little lost—especially if you’re not familiar with the culture. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but after you spend some time reading a few blogs, and clicking a few links, you’ll feel much better. After all, it’s an experience more than anything else! A change to revel in something new. All of the adventures, love stories, fantasies, and tales of heroism and bravery are told in a way that connects you to the Chinese culture, and the amazing writers who author these books. Again, we speak about a cultural bridge. A whole new world that doesn’t involve visual aesthetics and pretty pictures cluttering our minds. In this realm of literature you get words on a page that take you on adventures, steal your heart, and captivate the imagination.

The reason it seems, that these online books have had so much success, is largely due to the millions of fans who adore them—and how easy it is to find something that peaks your interest. With the touch of your hand, you can be swept away on any journey you like! So if you’re looking for a blissfully intriguing, unsettling, and captivating way to entertain yourself for hours on end; all you need to do is go online, and read a book.

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