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Coexisting with Beasts

Believe it or not, many people share in their imaginations one similar dream: living in a tropical rain forest, climbing trees like Tarzan, and befriending all the wild animals. We as humans are naturally curious about such dangerous species as lions and tigers, but we have to be careful of the brutish nature of theses beasts. However, in Australia, there exists a miraculous place which has mastered coexistence between humans and animals, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge located in Canberra.

Rather than dubbing Jamala Wildlife Lodge a hotel, a more appropriate category for it would be an adventure residence. When you live here, you live as one with lions, leopards, bears, and other wild beasts.

The Jamala Wildlife Lodge only has 18 rooms, so prospective tenants need to make reservations at least half a year in advance. Nevertheless, each room brings you an incomparable experience. Even the walls in each room — something that is hardly ever noteworthy — are made of tempered glass, allowing the animals outside to seemingly live with you.

If you prefer lions, the kings of the jungle, the Lion Garden section is perfect for you. Residents can coexist with lions 24/7 in each room of the Lion Garden. Whether the lions are eating, playing, or sleeping, tenants always have a panoramic view. In addition to seeing the lions all day, people can even hear their roars, providing you a realistic opportunity to experience these felines’ daily lives.

If these ferocious predators aren’t your thing, the giraffe section may better suit your tastes. Guests in this section can stay among these affable and friendly creatures. There is even a treehouse where giraffes wait for you below. To help you befriend these gentle giants, take some carrots or leaves to feed them. You may even get lucky and see young fawns playfully leaping or cute alpacas sleeping near the paths in this section of Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

For those who love the sleek and speedy cheetahs, Room No. 5 will satisfy all your desires. From this room, the cheetahs appear as common house cats, who love to sleep throughout the day. However, when they wake, you’ll quickly notice at this close proximity what makes them such noble predators. Their pace is elegant and leisurely, and the peering from their feline eyes cuts like daggers. When they take off, their overwhelming speed always astonishes people. Cheetah enthusiasts who have stayed in this room always leave with a deeper love for these animals and the question, “How can such perfect beings exist on this planet?”

Each room at the lodge doesn’t limit you to seeing only one species. When you choose to stay in Lemur Room No. 2, for example, you will not only see the curious jumping lemurs, but you can catch the lions who patrol their territories from another window. You may even witness a pack of hyenas flock together and stare you down as they walk past the lodge. The staff at Jamala Wildlife Lodge are all professionals with abundant knowledge of the animals. If you have enough time, you can talk with the staff to learn more specific information on the lodge’s creatures. The residential area is also entirely separate from the animal enclosures, so guests do not need to worry about safety issues.

In addition to the animals mentioned above, Jamala Wildlife Lodge is home to a variety of other animals, including kangaroos, emus, wombats, dingoes, hummingbirds, Bengal tigers, and elephants. You even have a chance to interact with the gentler species. Jamala Wildlife Lodge not only provides a first-rate living experience but also a unique opportunity to learn about nature first-hand.

Travelers who have stayed here once typically claim they expect a second stay. In addition to the interaction with animals, the food, services, and accommodation are excellent at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. The roomy lodge features comfortable sofas, exquisite décor, and an African safari vibe. At Jamala Wildlife Lodge, you’ll wake up to the sounds of roaring lions and get to spend the days meeting fawns and alpacas. If such an earthly paradise exists, why not set out for it?

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