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As an overseas expansion vanguard of ZOSE Group, ZOSE Media calls entertainment capital Los Angeles its home. The office of ZOSE Media is located in South Pasadena, a city rich with artistic culture. It inherits its superb work ethics from it parent company ZOSE Group and makes customized market plans for each and every client.  ZOSE Media is supported by a strong design team and supplemented by the diverse market experiences of local American teams. ZOSE Media aims to provide clients with top-quality services of advertising, design and event promotion.


Zose Group

Hainan ZOSE Group was created in July of 1996. It is a large private enterprise group that engages in advertising, media, culture, real estate, entertainment, film, publishing, certified property, finance, and investment. The registered capital of ZOSE Group is ¥493 million (CNY). As of the start of 2017, Hainan ZOSE has 562 employees. ZOSE Group regards cultural–creative industry as the basis of their company and implements strategic resource integration, helping it to achieve leaps in development.






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