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Zose Media Production Team is an expert in producing video content for brand promotion on an international level. Our company has worked with several prominent game companies and has an excellent track record of creating top-quality videos that generate high data traffic, all within a reasonable budget. To date, we have produced hundreds of advertising videos that have amassed at least one million data traffic.

We have a vast pool of actors to choose from, being based in Los Angeles, which is known for its rich and diverse acting talent. Our primary language is English, but we also have a wealth of resources for other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and more.

Our team of professionals has been in the video production industry for five years and works closely together to produce high-quality content efficiently. Our core production team members boast more than a decade of experience in Hollywood.

We also have a vast collection of state-of-the-art equipment ranging from basic to advanced, catering to the unique requirements of our clients.

We offer different types of teams that suit various budgets, ranging from low-cost online videos to high-quality brand promotion videos.

Lastly, we understand the importance of cultural sensitivity when creating international videos. As such, our team of professionals studies the latest and most popular video shooting and post-production techniques in the United States to ensure that our videos are well-localized and avoid any cultural barriers.

Zose Media Prodcution Team 专精出海买量/美宣/明星真人视频制作,已合作过多家榜上有名的游戏出海公司,制作精良,价格低廉,数据流量佳。已制作过不少于百条百万数据流量的广告视频。














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