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April to May Must-see Spots in Los Angeles

Silver Lake

In Los Angeles, summer always seems to come early. This sunshine city has been home over the ages to a mix of culture and conflict, inspiring art in each and every of its neighborhoods. Just as Paris and New York have been the literary capitals the last few centuries, Los Angeles has become an epicenter of a wider range of art and culture.

Being the second largest city in the United States after New York City, I really like the way Los Angeles looks with its mix of short and tall buildings. The way humanity flourishes on the bustling streets makes me feel a sense of simplicity and harmony.

One weekend, I decided to take the opportunity to visit Silver Lake. This small town is only five miles away from downtown Los Angeles but is surprisingly quiet compared to the city. Silver Lake also attracts me with its visual beauty. Driving down the street, one- to two-floor small houses sit neatly next to each other. A mysterious blue house is next to a bright yellow one; a clean and modern French-windowed abode neighbors a red brick home covered in ivy. In Silver Lake, all the diverse creative influences seem to harmoniously match with one another. This slightly hippie style mixed with traditional European tastes has infiltrated everywhere in Silver Lake. Each corner and every street are like a unique little poem.

After lunch, Walking down the street, I passed a children’s bookstore, an artsy café, a cozy fragrance store, a colorful balloon shop. Every sight made me feel warm and refreshed. Not far away, I saw a low wall with a lovely mural. “Stand here and think about love!” And I take quick snapshot there. Even though murals decorate every corner of Los Angeles, the artwork here is cuter and more energetic, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere in this small community.

Art District

Speaking of art, the Art District near Little Tokyo — which in itself is one of my favorite places in LA — is definitely worth mentioning. Driving through downtown, the Art District lacks tall buildings, allowing the sun to paint the streets in sunshine. Especially the industrial style of the area’s buildings. There are brick houses with black iron frames, small shops selling creative knickknacks, galleries with coffee aromas wafting in from the streets. The literary and artistic vibes of the neighborhood are as strong as its unique characteristics. Because of this trend of creativity and art, a new energy has rejuvenated this bygone community. New and old live harmoniously together.

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel is located right in the Art District and just had its grand opening last March. From February 18 to May 21, the late artist Jason Rhoades’ light installation will be exhibited here. While it was a photo my friend took that first inspired me to visit his exhibition, I discovered that his art is much prettier in person, especially after seeing his piece Tijuanatanjierchandelier. In a clear white room, Rhoades’ neon lights hang from wires attached to the ceiling as chandeliers and feature other Mexican elements. During recent political turmoil, Rhoades’ art piece made me think about the criticism it expressed. Although the display was finished in 2006, its artistic meaning still has relevance for our current society. After Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, you can reflect as you take a leisurely walk to explore the rest of the Arts District.

The time between April and May brings the last chance to enjoy spring before the summer heat hits LA. During these days of warm sunshine and cool breezes, everything seems calmer and smoother. So get out and go on a small adventure around Los Angeles! You don’t need the typical crowded sights to have fun in the city. Living spontaneously without plans and enjoying the moment when you discover some new place. Maybe you’ll stumble upon an interesting city corner or simply notice the pretty flower blossoms complementing the blue of the sky. Los Angeles will fascinate you — all you have to do is open your eyes.

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