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This Summer-The Best Way to Get Tan

Tanning has been a recent fashion trend due to famous bloggers and supermodels. Having a bit of a tan adds a warmer glow to the skin. Also, it can help clothes and pictures look better. Now, how to get tan has been a hot topic. Getting a tan is not as simple as many people think. There are some problems that you may meet when tanning such as burned skin, orange colored skin, and bad tan lines. Follow these steps we have to get a reasonable and golden glow easily.

Sun Tanning

A natural tan is sunbathing outside. It may be old-fashioned, but it is the most popular and natural way to get a tan.

Before getting your skin tanned, you should take a bath to make sure your skin is clean because a well-hydrated skin tan is better than a dusty one. Next, exfoliate with a rough towel. After taking a shower, apply the right level of sunscreen. Usually, people use at least SPF 15 sunscreen product to protect skin from burning. A higher-level SPF will protect your skin even more but will make it harder to get the golden skin. So, SPF 15 is widely suggested by tanning professionals. Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes. Additionally, using a tanning oil will make you tan much better.

Choosing the right time to tan is also important. The sun is at its most poisonous between 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M, so make sure to avoid this period to tan. Turn around once every half hour to ensure your skin will not damage. Also, remember to keep using sunscreen product to protect your skin.

Now, you can choose the pool, beach or your house to get a tan. Wearing different kinds of bikinis will help you minimize tan lines. Unless you want to get specific tan, lines choose a different swimsuit to get a better golden skin. You can also skip the swimsuit to get no tan lines.

Sunless Tanning

A tanning bed is another popular way to get a tan.

The night before a tan, salons will suggest taking a shower, exfoliating, and shaving your skin. When you arrive there, workers at the salon will explain to you the tanning process with the machine. There are three different shades of a tan: light, medium or dark. You can choose which shade you prefer. There are also 4 positions to ensure seamless coverage. The salon will provide a hairnet to collect your hair. Remember to remove makeup to get a better face tan. Do not forget to wear goggles so you will not go blind.

After all the preparation, you can go to your room and strip down into whatever you want, you may wear a bikini or even go nude. Before being tanned, make sure you know what every button does in the case of tanning bed crash. Most salons will assign an employee to you to tell you what to do next. For example, how long you should stay in one position and when you should change to the next. But some salons do not have this service. Usually, a tanning bed time is around 4-5 minutes when you first visit. After several visits, they will increase the time gradually depending on how your skin responds.

To make your skin tan perfectly, you need some visits to the tanning bed. If you do not want to be tanned these two ways, use a spray tan machine and a self-tanner lotion to get a tan sample, but it lasts a short time.

Get yourself a golden skin glow this summer!

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