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Those Beaches Chasing the Colors

The ocean , amazingly vast and deep, from which flows countless magnificent and breathtaking beaches which are always to be a wonder appreciated in abundance.

“Romantic girl”- The Pink Beach

Harbour Island , which is located in the Bahamas, is home to the pink beach regarded as the sexiest beach in the world by Newsweek. Its coast boasts a length approximately 3 miles long and is characterized by it's clear water and pink sand. The pink sand , a unique and amazing quality of the beach is formed by a white coral native to the area that is known as foraminifera , when this coral reaches a significant amount it gives the sand its unique color. Another appealing and interesting quality of the pink beach is the group of pigs that inhabit and enjoy the scenery offered. With even sea pearls abundantly present on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean its as if the gods themselves have favored this natural beauty.

Colorful Transparent Glass Beach

There is just but only one glass beach known in the world which is located in Fort Bragg, California. It was previously a garbage dump , but has since become a marvelous site through erosion over the years by the Pacific Ocean of the multicolored pebble shaped broken glass present. Silica, is material that is formed by both sand and glass , though the sand does contain other minerals within. Through the natural ancient process of erosion the small boulders and sand is formed by the man-made glass located at Fort Bragg. The entire beach is comprised of a variety of colorful glass pieces , including silver , green , blue , orange and occasionally red which appears under the suns rays. It's beauty ultimately difficult to find words to describe.

Green Beach Paved with “Gem”