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Newport Beach — With a Breeze from the Sea

Newport Beach is an up-and-coming city in Orange County, California. For most Chinese tourists, its popularity is far inferior to that of Santa Monica or Venice Beach. However, Newport Beach is indeed a petit bourgeoisie choice for an explorative seaside vacation in a rich and low-key area.

To paint a picture of its rich and low-key atmosphere, Newport Beach lies adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and is connected to San Francisco farther north via picturesque Highway 1. This piece of golden coast attracts many stealthy tycoons and hosts great numbers of luxury villas. According to the most recent estimate, 92% of the population is white. There are flamboyant seaside villas, gorgeous backyard gardens, and all kinds of entertainment facilities along one side of Newport Beach’s small main street, and docks and private beaches appear on the other side. Due to its abundant harbor resources, countless private yachts, whether large and luxurious or small and sleek, can be seen along the coast in the azure waters and warm sunshine. This scene highlights the real charm of Newport Beach and has led the city to become one of the most famous yacht ports in Los Angeles.

As for the sights to see, most people associate Newport Beach with bikini-clad women, Californian sunshine, surfing, and, of course, fine sand beaches. In fact, the city has a superior six-mile-long beach with fascinating seaside scenery. It is also home to a championship golf course and various types of aquatic recreational amenities. In addition, Newport Beach hosts a number of other unique activities, such as cruises that take you out to sea to see whales, dolphins, walruses, and other ocean life. Visitors can even board a fishing boat for an afternoon of deep-sea fishing on the Pacific.

Imagine, sailing on the vast sea under the beautiful blue sky, you enjoy the sight of leaping dolphins racing alongside your ship. At the same time, the sea breeze blows through your hair as you stand on the top deck. Farther out, you see the heads of several giant blue whales, humpbacks, and sometimes even killer whales. They lazily flip their bodies and show their ridges at times. A vigorous tail slap splashes up sprays of water as these ocean giants freely patrol their territory, displaying their reign over the sea. The whole two-hour journey is full of refreshing sights that keep you on the edge of your seat since you never know what you’ll see next. It may be a group of adorable seals basking in the sunshine or a courageous gull floating in the sea’s violent wind…. This surprising and adventurous experience is totally different from a trip to an aquarium, where animal trainers show off the marine animals. In fact, taking a boat to the magical sea and coming in close contact with these beautiful creatures is the only way to feel the harmony between we humans and ocean’s animals.

Many people choose to set out to sea to go fishing. Indeed, the waters off Newport Beach are full of red and black grouper, shrimp, saury, tuna, and even crab. The best part of marine fishing is the time you spend waiting to take up the fishing line and, above all, the moment when you draw the net out of the water. The knowledgeable captains usually take their fishing vessels to spots that guarantee a large haul, so you are sure to be intrigued by the catch. Many times, the captains and crews will patiently answer all your questions and share with you their ways of life. If you go at different times of the year, you can discover even more surprises. The vessels typically have snack bars aboard, and seats are private and comfortable. Invite several friends and go for some seafood and dark beers afterward for a cozy and relaxed way to end your day on the water.

Life is a journey of continuous choices. After experiencing all life has to offer, you’ll be left with a unique scene of your own. Come to Newport Beach, and with the breeze from the sea, you’ll find your own favorite scenes….

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