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H.J Auto Dealer --- Customer Service Comes Long Way in Busine

HJ Auto Group is the most successful Chinese Auto dealer in Los Angeles area. In three years, the company sold more than 3,000cars in Los Angeles.

Young Zhao established the company in 2013. We are very honored to invite him to share some of his business experiences with us.

Mr. Egg: Do you have any experiences in business or auto dealer before you started the business?

Young: Yes, i have some. I gained quite a lot experiences during the time when I was a sales in one of the car dealer in Los Angeles.

Mr.Egg: What makes you want to start your own business?

Young: I wasn’t the one who first started this thought. It was from one of my friends, he invited me to in-cooperated with him to start a Chinese Auto Dealer. But then he gave up this idea and I kept it up.

Mr. Egg: Do you find it is very difficult to keep in track with the mainstream business market? Who would be your target customer group? How do you plan to integrate in America mainstream market?

Young: As far as it is concerned, the 70% of our target customers are from China, and another 30% are from local or the other country. I would say International students are still part of our major market right now but as far as we go, the local stream market is the future we are expecting to.

Mr. Egg: When searched H.J Auto Group on, we acknowledged there are several negative comments from the previous years. But it seems like people have changed their mind with more and more positive comments recently. When do you think they changed the idea for H.J Auto Dealer and Why?

Young: We established our company since September 2013. When we first started, everything seems so blurry and uncertain. Looking back now, I would say to myself, “no matter what you do, remember customer service need to be done in the first place.” As soon as we discovered the problems, we find a experienced administrative staff to help us to manage the company. Also, we set up effective teams for company as well. This is the turning point of our company.

Mr.Egg: What is the distinguished feature of H.J Auto Dealer ?

Young: We are the expert in helping our customers to get a student loan. Generally speaking, majority of international students do not have SSN, nor do they have the chance to apply for a loan. But in H.J Auto, we help your dream come true.

Mr.Egg: What is the most popular car in your dealer?

Young: Most people would go for German car. It highlights the quality and value for money. I very much agree with it.

Mr.Egg: Do you have any opinion for our readers in car purchase?

Young: I preferred to go with German Car as I mentioned in the last question. More safe and better fuel economy. Remember, contrast make the best choice.

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