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Make Calistoga Ranch Home This Holiday

You deserve a getaway and spend some quality time with the one you love. Calistoga Ranch is a magic place to spend the holidays.

Calistoga Ranch located in a private canyon in the Upper Napa Valley on a 157-acre site marked by ancient oaks, majestic hills, a rock-hewn stream and private lakes. The Calistoga Ranch lifestyle embraces its surrounding--nature surrounds you whenever you go, and is gracefully incorporated into the architecture at Napa luxury resort to create a unique feeling of intimacy with the environment.

The 50 room luxury Napa resort captures the rich culture of food, wine and nature inherent to the region. The ranch culinary team sources only the finest organic ingredients from local regional farmers to create seasonal dishes that reflect the bounty of the region, and are complemented by an extensive wine list. Guests can enjoy private dinning experiences under the stars or in the privacy of their lodges; wherever you dine, expect pastoral views of the magnificent oak groves and magical Lake Lommel. Calistoga Ranch’s Food of Place series created exclusively for Calistoga Ranch guests, offering monthly Napa culinary experiences that enable the guests to experience a cultural connection with the Napa Valley while celebrating the essence of place of the destination. Designed with relaxation in mind, lodges offer guests and owner the ultimate indoor-outdoor living experience.

Every detail, each dedicated staff member, conspire to bring a deep sense of enrichment and renewal. From a celebration of Napa wine and food to restorative Napa spa offering, experience a seamless mingling of the outdoors and in for endless inspiration.

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