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Rent a Foreigner

$100 a day, $1000 a week, no experience needed, the only requirement is a white guy in suits. If there is a job description like this, will you apply for? Most of the people may say “yes”. This is not a joke, but a real exist job in China which called “White Guy in Tie’.”

Not long a ago, one of my friends called Chris told me that he made $100 in 2 hours. It is amazing because he is a only a drummer in Beijing’s pub with salary of $10 per hour. When I asked how, he told me he joined an event and played the role as a manager of a company. He gave a speech to encourage their employees to work hard. “No worries about fake identity, because no one knows who you are, and when they ask questions, just reply with English or an assistant will help you out.” Chris said. Although it is a job with good paid, not so many chances to get. The only way is recommended by your friends. Also, you will get the content of speech several days before to do practice, and you must stay in suit to show your professional.

Mike is another friend of mine who also became a fake businessman several times. As a salesperson before, his experience made him did better than others. The latest time, Mike pretended to be a CEO of a jewelry company in the United State. What he should do is to tell other companies from China that they supplied all jewelry from United State. Because of Mike’s professional performance, the company he represented signed contract with others in short time. And Mike get abut $1000 in only 2 hours. When I ask him if it breaks the law, he just answered “ come on, I am only an actor, I played the role they gave to me, it is none of my business about all others things.”

Actually, rent a white guy has been a exposed in 2010, but it still exist today. Not only white guy, but also foreigners may be rented. And not only in China, but also other developing countries get involve in this situation. How do you think about it?

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