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The Color of Caribbean - Puerto Rico

Less than three hours flight from the continental U.S., Puerto Rico becomes another good choice to travel in winter. This is an island with sandy beaches, tropical forests and Caribbean culture with the exhilarating landscape.

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan

This is not a place where you have to find landscapes, just walk and relax. The city is full of colors, restaurants, bars, museums and shops. When take photos, every scene will be a good view. Narrow streets with color buildings, a nice place to walk around.

San Juan National Historic Site

San Juan National Historic Site is a must when you come to visit. This place makes Spanish colonial history comes alive. About 1 mile scenic route to main castle. The views are incredible. With the sea crashes on the rocks on one side and green grass on the other sides. Many people fly kites, walking dogs and have a picnic. This is a heaven on earth.

The El Yunque Rain Forest

If you love nature, this will be a beautiful destination you should visit. You can find stunningly diver ecosystem with waterfalls, fresh air and varieties of trees and plants here. This is a place worth to hike.

Bioluminescent Bay

Only few biolumniescent bays exist in the natural world. You will not see this at any other place near United State. Join an Kayak tour under twilight and you will get a lifetime memory. When exploring the bay, each stroke of the pale makes water glows and when fish swimming by, water lights up. What an experience!

Except for these popular destinations, there are also other places such as Fajardo, Rio Grande, Carolina to visit. Puerto Rico is a place where worth your time.

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