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The man and his dream

A study has conclude what a lot of women have suspected all along: male drivers consider their motors to be a part of themselves. According to Kelly Blue Book, in the last few years the average horsepower(hp) of a car, a man would buy is 360, where woman’s preference is 170.

Men buy car with enthusiasm even if they are not as affordable because car can give them a recognition for freedom and power. A positive commitment made when a commands made by women and men had easily been placed with their car. It is the main factor of why men love car.

Men develop personal relationship with their car faster than women because they perceive their car as an extension while women don’t. Women do experience that for instance with their home-they see the house as an extension of their being. For most women a car is a separate entity.

Developing personal relationship with cars, men easily differentiate it from the personal relationship with a women as easier to maintain and still satisfactory by owning the car of their dreams ever since they are little. Often a high performance, luxury vehicle would make most men equate it with them and take pride in their car. Stylish, powerful luxury cars give them the ability to customize, which is another key to satisfaction that makes them take great care of the vehicle.

A man can rarely find the right words to explain how he feels about a women, yet he can be very expressive about his car because it is a different type of love. The relationship with man and car are both discovered slowly and deeply with the time. Both relationship raises more questions as time goes by, but with the car, questions often don’t demand an answer instantly.

The response a man gets from his car is mechanical in its nature and yet it speaks on an emotional level. The sound of clicking, gear shifting and tire screeching, the sounds men often describe with purring that makes them happy.

Just as what the author lain MacRury mentioned, “Men talk about their cars as if talking about themselves.”

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