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The real Eric Gordon -- Eric Gordon tells us his secrets to staying grounded

Eric Gordon, an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association had become an idol in the hearts of so many people around the world. Gordon announced on April 4, 2008 that he would enter the 2008 NBA draft. And this is the day, people started to know Eric Gordon and his story. Although Gordon had been suffered with shoulder injury and broken finger injuries during these seasons but every time he showed up on the court, we will always be on his side.

Mr.Egg: We all know as a professional player, injuries come along in your career. Most people think it’s a horrible thing if it consistently happened. Can you tell us how do you manage to face all the challenges and surgeries yet still stay positive in your career?

Eric Gordon: In any professional sport, but even more so a contact sport a professional athlete will endure injuries here and there. A lot of my injuries such as my shoulder injury or my broken finger injury are merely freak accidents. In professional basketball, players are faced with many obstacles and challenges throughout their career on and off the court. But the successes of those players happen as they battle through these adversities. No matter what the circumstances are on or off the court you have to battle through them play-by-play; moment-by-moment and make the best out of every situation. When your doing something you love, your inner character finds away to push through the most difficult of task.

Mr.Egg: I heard there’s a saying, “If you want to stay fit, eat like an NBA player”. As an NBA player, do you have a very strict meal rule to stay fit? If so, can you share some rules with us?

Eric Gordon: Staying fit is a major component in me staying healthy and be able to perform at 110% day in and day out. I take my diet very seriously as I’ve gotten older, and much wiser. The benefits are tremendous from the amount energy, building muscle, and the endurance of the NBA season. One of the many secrets of mine is the benefit of shakes. With shakes I am able to incorporate, and supplement all of my daily vitamins, and any daily nutrients that I lack or need a boost of. Eating lean meats and lots of fish balanced with lots of fruits and vegetables helps me stay fit and lean.

Mr.Egg: For all these years in NBA, we stored so many splendid Eric Gordon scenes in our memories, but are there any specific scene or show that made the most impressive achievement in your opinion?

Eric Gordon: Throughout the years, I think I have collected many memories and friends playing in the NBA. One of my favorite moments is making it to the NBA playoffs. It has always been my goal every year to win a NBA World Championship. The 2014-15 season with the New Orleans Pelicans was my first time making it to the playoffs and taking the next step at accomplishing my goal. Individually one of my favorite moments was probably being invited to participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Mr.Egg: As one of your super fan, as well as a fan of Houston Rockets, I was so thrilled when you decided to join Houston in this summer! Can you tell us what is your expectation and objective this time?

Eric Gordon: My goal every season is to win an NBA Championship. Coming to the Houston Rockets, I want to provide and contribute to this organization the best way I can. This team has a very good nucleus and I want to benefit this organization so we can accomplish the ultimate goal, and that is winning an NBA Championship. Coming in to this organization I knew that this is one of the best organization in the entire NBA.

Mr.Egg: How do you feel your cooperation with Anthony Davis in New Orleans Pelicans compares with James Harden in Houston Rockets.

Eric Gordon: I believe they are the same but different. Anthony Davis being a forward and James Harden being a guard they have different roles and positions on the team. They are the same as in being two special talents of the NBA, and having the opportunity to play with multiple NBA All-Stars and MVP candidates it is always a treat when I am able to play along side them. I believe James and I will be a great match this season, because I can make the game easier for him by spread the floor so that he can do all the amazing things does.

Mr.Egg: As a young successful professional player and an idol in the hearts of so many people, you fulfilled your dream everyday and every moment, can you give some life and work suggestions to our lovely readers out there to cheer them up?

Eric Gordon: Following your dreams, and having a great work ethic and determination a person is able to achieve many great things in life. I was always told to whom ever much is given much is expected, and I have been blessed with the ability to play basketball. I want to play basketball to the best of my ability and to use my platform to help, and encourage others to be the best at whatever they do in life.

Mr.Egg: It’s also New Year time, would you send your kindness regards to our readers, wish them a happy new year?

Eric Gordon: I would like to wish all of the Houston Rockets fans, and NBA fans a Happy New Year, and thank you for your support from around the World. Without you a lot of what we do would not be possible, so I thank you and we Thank you for you continuous support.

Thank you for sparing your time to shared your story with Zose Magazine. We are so inspired by discovering your life purpose and career goal. Shout out for all your fans in China to wish you the best luck in next season!

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